All the beginnings are always bad. We bought our first frenchy in a pet shop. The ignorance often does that errors are made, but always from the ignorance never from the thoughtlessness.

         From our first frenchy to the last one we have learn one thing: it's a very complex breed and we must compile all the information we can to understand them better.

         After anytime learning, traveling to some countries, enriching from some persons with lot of year with the breeding we think we can start to put "our little sand granite", contributing with something to this wonderful breed and unknown in our country, that fortunately it's been knowing a little more.

         Although our bloodline is based in dogs from Netherland we want to thanks to the people that with their friendship and admiration by us they are our referent point in the breeding learning that it's not the most important bred champions but to reduce the genetic diseases and get more healthy frenchies (whenever possible).

         We bred with our kennel name with love and always having present the standard.